Webinar: The Data Monetization Opportunity (and How to do it Securely!)

In this webinar TripleBlind, the company that offers a proprietary cryptographically-enforced data privacy solution, and Eagle Alpha, the leading external data aggregators, will discuss why and how corporates should externally consider monetizing their data.

The topics to be covered include:

  • An overview of the external data market and opportunities (also known as alternative data)
  • First-hand accounts of successful data monetization strategies
  • The importance of data security & compliance procedures when monetizing data
  • How TripleBlind helps firms safely monetize data
  • How the combination of Eagle Alpha and TripleBlind can supercharge your external data monetization efforts

For this webinar we will also be joined by Toby Dayton, CEO of employment data vendor LinkUp, and Enrique Garcia-Ayesta, CEO of telco data vendor Apeiron Insight.