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With TripleBlind, our next generation cryptographic technology enables companies to safely provide and consume sensitive data and algorithms without compromising privacy or security. The Blind Utilization Toolbox will allow companies to build new revenue streams from these underutilized datasets and algorithms, all the while complying with relevant privacy regulation.

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Load Content As Is

The platform encrypts all data during upload and allows users the option to encrypt their algorithms where IP protection is a concern.
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Leak Proof Operations

Encryption ensures 3rd parties can’t access data specifics even while running operations against it. This breakthrough creates new data licensing opportunities previously unavailable.  
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IP Protection

Complex algorithms are expensive to develop, and algorithm licensing could result in IP theft. Algorithm encryption allows you to securely capitalize on your investment.
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Digital Rights Management and auditability of every transaction allows suppliers to control specifically who, when, how often and for what purpose their assets are used. 
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The platform will allow researchers to discover datasets and algorithms that may have been previously unavailable, facilitating collaboration without sacrificing privacy.
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Algorithms running on the platform show improved accuracy due to higher degrees of granularity afforded by our encryption during execution process.

TripleBlind is Blind to All Data and Algorithms

That means we never take possession of customer data. We route traffic between entities, enforce permissions, and provide audit trails.