Privacy-enabled data sharing for all enterprises in all industries.

Allowing companies to collaborate around sensitive or regulated first party and third party data unlocks new data sharing opportunities and strings together a powerful data network.

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Built to Accelerate Responsible Innovation

Globally recognized brands including Accenture are using TripleBlind today to solve real, impactful business problems and to create innovative data-centric offerings in healthcare, financial services, insurance, media, advertising, and more!

TripleBlind enables organizations to pursue ambitious data projects while remaining compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, data residency. We make keeping up with privacy regulations hassle-free, inexpensive, and instantaneous, so your business can scale up data usage, not cut it back.

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We Help Organizations:

Access third party data around the world and across industries easier.
Use all of their first party data, even if it is warehoused in several locations subject to different data privacy laws.
Commercialize data for additional revenue streams.
Build, train, and share novel algorithms and AI models without giving up intellectual property.
Operate privately on any data type with any data operation. Even supports genetic data multimodal AI!
Add a privacy layer to their data platforms and marketplaces.
Develop new partnerships with key industry-leading companies.
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Private Financial Data Sharing

Decryption kills the financialdata economy, learn how TripleBlind can unlock liquidity and new partnership opportunities. See what we’re already doing for clients just like you.

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Private Data Sharing for AI in Healthcare

AI in healthcare is highly complex. Today, collaborating around personal health information means it must be decrypted, making personal data vulnerable. TripleBlind can remove liability without restricting utility.

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