Operator Partners
“Our team understands the challenges U.S. companies face when attempting to collaborate through sharing data in regulated industries such as financial services and healthcare. We are excited by TripleBlind’s ability to facilitate collaboration and enforce privacy standards within jurisdictions and in hybrid data regulation scenarios.”

Nat Turner, General Partner, Operator Partners

Accenture Ventures
“Accenture Ventures invested in TripleBlind again based on the positive momentum TripleBlind has experienced and the widespread interest among fintech, healthcare and other enterprises that face data privacy challenges. TripleBlind’s new round of funding so soon after its initial round in November reinforces the demand for TripleBlind data privacy solutions.”

Tom Lounibos, Managing Director, Accenture Ventures

NextGen Venture Partners
“We have recognized the challenges with previous data privacy solutions for a long time and have been seeking out a solution with a new approach in which to invest. As a former data scientist, I appreciate the significance and uniqueness of the TripleBlind approach that puts  privacy enforcement an easy API call away, without restricting data scientists’ capability to build the right model and utilize the data to its fullest extent.”

Ben Bayat, Managing Director, NextGen Venture Partners

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