Dan Goldburt Headshot

Dan Goldburt

Dan started his career as a Sales Engineer the same day the iPhone made its debut. He has been fortunate to be on the front lines of the Big Data revolution, working in data analytics as the world went digital and our data footprint exploded. For over 12 years at Splunk, Dan applied search and indexing techniques over distributed data sets and learned the value of data in the realms of cyber security, application delivery, IT operations, and business analytics. During this time, Dan helped grow software revenues from $2M to $2B. Dan became fascinated with the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, and was particularly inspired by the advent of deep learning language models like GPT-3, all of which led him to TripleBlind.

Dan is a digital nomad, working from whichever country his wife, a U.S. Diplomat, is posted. Outside of work, Dan enjoys playing piano, tennis, olympic weightlifting, and going on ski mountaineering expeditions.