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PEC for Data Analytics ML
Myths and Misconceptions
Greg Storm COO of TripleBlind presenting at Privacy-Enhancing Technology Summit North America


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Privacy-Enhancing Technologies: Who Should Care & Why?
Webinar: Collaborating with AI Tools in Financial Services

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TripleBlind hires CTO with coveted expertise

KC Inno, May 20, 2022

Kansas City-based tech startup TripleBlind hired a new chief technology officer who’s won coveted awards for his cryptography work.

CTO Craig Gentry said he’s reached the “moral activist stage of my life” and wants to make a difference through technology.

“I’ve reached the phase in my career…

Aligning Mission to Digital Health Strategy in Academic Medical Centers

Nature, June 2, 2022

Can a large, complex health system, such as an academic medical center, lead in healthcare if it delivers unrivaled in-person care but only substandard digital health offerings?

The strategies of academic medical centers arise from core values and missions that aim to provide unmatched clinical care, patient experience, research, education, and training. These
missions drive nearly all activities with one common, glaring omission…

A New Crop of Companies is Reshaping the Health Data Economy

Statnews, Apr 7, 2022

It is one of health care’s most vexing quandaries: Patient data must be shared to develop more effective medicines and artificial intelligence tools, but there’s no way to share it without violating privacy and basic data rights.

Or is there?…

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TripleBlind’s innovations build on well understood principles of data protection. Our innovations radically improve the practical use of privacy preserving technologies, by adding true scalability and faster processing, with support for all data and algorithm types. We support all cloud platforms and unlock the intellectual property value of data, while preserving privacy and enforcing compliance with HIPAA and GDPR.