Mayo Clinic Collaborates with TripleBlind

TripleBlind Collaborates with Mayo Clinic on Next Generation Algorithm Sharing and Training on Encrypted Data

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Dec. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TripleBlind announced today it is collaborating with Mayo Clinic researchers who will use TripleBlind tools to validate interoperability of encrypted algorithms on encrypted data and the training of new algorithms on encrypted data.

TripleBlind has created a rapid, efficient and cost effective data privacy focused solution based on breakthroughs in advanced mathematics, which will be used and validated by the Mayo team. No Mayo data will be accessed by TripleBlind.

Today, health care systems have to either transfer data or algorithms outside their institution for experts to train or conduct research. The encryption conduit being evaluated will eliminate the need for data transfer or for sharing the algorithm, thus protecting intellectual property. TripleBlind’s solution functions as the innovative data encryption conduit that keeps the data and intellectual property in the algorithm secure.

“We hope to demonstrate the potential of applying TripleBlind’s data privacy and data clean room solution to accelerate how we develop, test, and deploy AI solutions in healthcare, particularly amidst heavily regulated privacy concerns,” said Riddhiman Das, co-founder and CEO of TripleBlind. “We are eager to work together with Mayo Clinic to explore TripleBlind’s encryption tools and showcase real-world applications.”

The goal of this collaboration is also to demonstrate that TripleBlind’s toolset can be applied to train entirely new algorithms from independent entities anywhere in the world without the need to share raw data, thus preserving privacy and security while meeting regulatory standards.

“Training novel algorithms on encrypted data sets and facilitating trust between independent parties is critical to the future of AI in medicine. By using advanced mathematical encryption technologies, we will greatly enhance scientific collaboration between groups and allow for more rapid development and scalable implementation of AI-driven tools to advance healthcare,” said Suraj Kapa, M.D., a practicing cardiologist and director of AI for knowledge management and delivery at Mayo Clinic.

Mayo Clinic and Dr. Kapa have financial interest in the technology referenced in this release. Mayo Clinic will use any revenue it receives to support its not-for-profit mission in patient care, education and research.

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TripleBlind’s patented breakthroughs in advanced mathematics arm organizations with the ability to share, leverage and monetize regulated data, such as PII and PHI, and mission-critical enterprise data, such as tax returns and banking transactions. It unlocks the estimated 105 petabytes of data stored by enterprises today that are inaccessible and unmonetized due to privacy concerns and regulations. With TripleBlind, decision makers generate new revenue for their organizations by gaining deeper insights faster, creating improved modeling and analysis, and collaborating more effectively with customers and partners and even competitors, without compromising safety.

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