An Expert Panel Discussion on Rapid Healthcare Innovation

In this webinar, TripleBlind’s Co-founder and CEO Riddhiman Das was joined by Dr. Paul Friedman, Professor of Medicine and Chair of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Mayo Clinic, Dr. Suraj Kapa, Medical Director, AI for Knowledge Management and Delivery, Mayo Clinic, and Sukant Mittal, Executive Director, Pharma and Med Devices Startup at Novartis. The session highlighted key issues and solutions involved with data sharing and collaboration in healthcare.

Strategies for Advancing Healthcare Innovation by Keeping Sensitive Data Private

Accenture’s Chief Medical Information Officer, Cecil Lynch and TripleBlind’s Co-founder and CEO Riddhiman Das hosted this webinar, which highlighted how the healthcare industry can use data sharing to speed up innovation, predict future diagnosis, and reduce complexities associated with internal and external data sharing, which often includes sensitive PII.

Global Banking in 2022: Data Privacy Challenges vs Data Platform & Exchange Opportunities

Keri Smith, Managing Director, Applied Intelligence – Financial Services, Cloud First, Accenture and TripleBlind’s Co-founder and CEO Riddhiman Das highlighted how to combine financial data sets from multiple sources, both internal or external, while staying compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and data residency requirements. Learn how it works with new AI and ML companies in a cost-efficient manner.

Overcoming Privacy Hurdles: Approaches for Challenges in Data Sharing

Okta’s Director, Corporate Counsel, Product and Privacy, Fatima Khan, Elizabeth Harding, Privacy Attorney at law firm Polsinelli and TripleBlind’s Co-founder and CEO Riddhiman Das explored current privacy regulations, how those regulations affect companies in the market today, and what solutions are available to overcome regulatory hurdles.