Bruce Brotine Named as New Director of Business Development, North America for TripleBlind, Expanding Financial Services for Company

In an effort to expand TripleBlind’s financial services and capabilities, we are pleased to announce Bruce Brotine has joined the team as our new Director of Business Development, North America. As of April 6, Brotine is responsible for overseeing and driving sales efforts for TripleBlind, as well as go-to-market strategy and sales development.

“We are excited to have Bruce on board with TripleBlind, and look forward to the lucrative and lasting relationships that he will develop between our company and our new and potential customers,” said TripleBlind CEO Riddhiman Das. “With Bruce’s help and guidance, TripleBlind’s financial services and capabilities will continue to flourish which will be a great benefit, both internally and externally.”

Brotine brings more than 13 years of experience to TripleBlind, offering expertise in sales, strategic planning, new business start-up and market plan execution. He has worked in various fields, including, cloud services, software as a service, technology and finance. He has previously worked at Chicago-area powerhouses TradeStation Securities, CareerBuilder and SoFi.

My goals in this new role include being able to strengthen the financial growth and sales efforts within TripleBlind, and to externally serve as a reliable and knowledgeable contact for vendors, customers and business partners,” said Brotine.