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TripleBlind to Highlight Business Benefits of Enhanced Data Sharing and Collaboration at Upcoming Industry Events

KANSAS CITY, MO., July 29, 2021 – TripleBlind announced today several upcoming events where the company will highlight new revenue opportunities made possible by increased data sharing and collaboration, while automatically enforcing regulatory standards such as HIPAA and GDPR. TripleBlind’s next generation cryptographic technology enables companies to share sensitive data without that data ever leaving […]

TripleBlind Welcomes Sam Abadir as its Director of Partnerships

We’re excited to announce that Sam Abadir has joined TripleBlind as its new Director of Partnerships! Abadir will be working with TripleBlind’s partners as well as helping customers understand the value of sharing data in ways that weren’t possible before.  “We’re honored to have Sam Abadir join us, having over two decades of knowledge in […]

Facial Recognition Needs Diverse Data

During a recent 60 Minutes segment, Anderson Cooper investigated facial recognition software’s use in criminal investigations. Using complex mathematical algorithms, the facial recognition software compares a suspect’s face to potentially millions of other mugshots in a dataset.  However, these algorithms are built and trained using a finite number of photos of a very demographically unbalanced […]

TripleBlind Technology Helps the Financial Services Industry Address a $56 Billion Issue

In 2020, identity fraud losses exceeded $56 billion in the United States alone. This number includes $13 billion for traditional identity fraud, such as data breaches, and $43 billion for other types of identity fraud scams.  Financial services companies have been reluctant to collaborate for multiple reasons; including competitive pressures, concerns about antitrust exposure and […]

TripleBlind to Host Webinar with Riddhiman Das and Accenture’s Keri Smith; Learn How to Monetize and Safely Share Sensitive Financial Data

WHO: Riddhiman Das, Co-founder and CEO, TripleBlind Keri Smith, Managing Director, Applied Intelligence – Financial Services, Cloud First, Accenture WHAT: On June 22, Das and Smith will go over how to combine financial data sets from multiple sources, both internal or external, while staying compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and data residency requirements. Learn how it […]

TripleBlind’s Blind De-identification Via One Way Encryption Provides Advantages for Healthcare Institutions

TripleBlind is currently the only solution that effectively de-identifies genomic data. Its groundbreaking approach to data sharing involves de-identification via one-way encryption that allows for safe and compliant data sharing among healthcare institutions. The solution meets the legal definition of de-identification, and TripleBlind never hosts any data that is being shared. TripleBlind unlocks the ability […]