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The Challenges of Data-Centric AI & Why You Should Still Shift to it

Is it time for a paradigm-shift in artificial intelligence development? Model-centric AI used to be the pinnacle of machine learning, with a focus on modifying model architecture to increase meaningful output. Like designing a more powerful car engine or optimizing rotor blades on a wind turbine, model-centric AI prioritizes structural changes to increase efficiency and […]

Data-Centric AI Data Quality Framework — Making Data Quality Systematic

For years, improving artificial intelligence algorithms was seen as the way forward when it came to optimizing AI performance, but this legacy approach is quickly becoming outdated. According to prominent AI expert Andrew Ng, trying to improve an AI system by focusing on the model results in marginal gains, if any. This is partly due […]

Data To Diagnosis: Top 10 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Healthcare

Science fiction often touts that artificial intelligence will be the end of humankind –– but what if AI could improve our quality of living or extend human lifespans instead? In the past decade, researchers, developers, and doctors have worked to turn fictional fantasies into the healthcare industry’s new reality. Now, artificial intelligence in healthcare enables […]

The Importance Of Ai Trism and the Three Steps To Implement It

With about 42 percent of new patents in 2018 featuring Artificial Intelligence, it’s clear that this technology will be shaping our future. But if these new systems are revolutionizing our world, what additional challenges might they bring to the table? One prominent challenge is bias. Typically data bias is caused by a skewed, incomplete or […]

AI Trust 101: Management, Trustworthiness, Transparency

Would you trust a machine with your life?  As artificial intelligence increasingly becomes more prevalent in our day-to-day lives, you might have to. Think about driverless cars, for example. In order for this type of technology to be accepted in our society, we have to trust that they’re safe to use. But how can we […]

Levels of Data De-Identification Explained

What do regulators and lawyers mean when they talk about de-identification? Despite how it’s often discussed, there isn’t a universal meaning in the world of data privacy.  Differences between varying degrees of de-identification are often subtle or unclear, leading to confusion for organizations learning to navigate privacy regulations such as the GDPR or HIPAA  For […]

TripleBlind Demo — July Webinar Recap

Curious how TripleBlind works? We recently hosted a TripleBlind Live webinar, with Chad Lagomarsino, David Almeida, and Alex Koszycki, who ran a live demo of TripleBlind — showing how to use privacy-enhancing computation in any of your data operations. To set the stage for the demo, it’s important to know that TripleBlind has two major […]

What It’s Like to Work at TripleBlind, According to Our Team

Interested in learning more about what a career at TripleBlind could look like? Here’s what our incredible, talented, and passionate team members have to say about the TripleBlind experience: 1. What do you enjoy the most about working at TripleBlind? “Have you ever had the problem of being considered the smartest guy in the room? […]

Q3 On-Site Recap: TripleBlind Collaborates In-Person in KC

Excited to see what our quickly-scaling startup is up to? At the start of Q3, TripleBlind’s team gathered at our Kansas City HQ for a few days of meaningful reflection, strategic planning, and community-centered volunteering! This quarter, we’ve been proud to launch a full-scale customer support center, conduct a robust survey on Chief Data Officer’s […]