What it's like to work at TripleBlind

What It’s Like to Work at TripleBlind, According to Our Team

Interested in learning more about what a career at TripleBlind could look like? Here’s what our incredible, talented, and passionate team members have to say about the TripleBlind experience:

1. What do you enjoy the most about working at TripleBlind?

“Have you ever had the problem of being considered the smartest guy in the room? You will quickly lose that title working at TripleBlind, which for the right person is awesome. Everyone here is smart. Everyone. You will never go a day without learning something and often teaching something to others – who at most companies would be the smartest person in the room. Unless you take the day off, that is. Now, replace the words ‘smartest’ and ‘smart’ with ‘hardest working’ and ‘hard-working, then repeat the previous paragraph. If you like learning, teaching, and working hard to achieve unbelievable results – then this place becomes a ton of fun.” – Sam Abadir, Director of Partnerships

2. What’s one thing you didn’t know about TripleBlind before working here?

“This is the first “startup” I’ve worked for. I had this weird idea that benefits would be worse than the corporate world. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The benefits are really great and being a smaller company, it’s much easier to get things done.” – Bart Carroll, Senior Software Engineer

3. How would you describe our company culture?

“There is a strong culture of continuous learning. Everyone is quick to discuss the latest book they’ve read or scientific theory they’ve recently encountered on YouTube and would like to debate. The company is made up of many hardworking, yet sociable people, many of whom have an excellent sense of humor.” – Mitchell Roberts, Engineering Program Manager

4. How would you describe our office environment (if you work in the office)?

“It’s a goofy yet productive environment. Innovative ideas are endless and accepted by everyone in the room.” – Becca Sturgess, Operations Associate

5. How would you describe our remote-first culture (if you’re working remotely/hybrid)?

“We’re given all the tools we need to collaborate with our KC teammates. We’re encouraged to ask for help, reach out, and chat about whatever we may need. The quarterly on-sites help us get to know one another and build bonds that create a fun work environment. And there aren’t so many meetings that you have Zoom fatigue.” – Austin Burgard, Software Engineer

6. What’s your favorite work perk?

“My favorite work perk is the unlimited PTO. Many firms do offer this perk, but it’s often a double-edged sword. Instead of having PTO that you are comfortable taking because you have time allotted, you end up not taking any PTO. This is a very professional team that works very hard, and it is good to know that you can take off when you need to take care of your health, your family, or just refresh. From the founder down, you know that our culture is committed to trusting the people who work here with managing their work/life balance.” – Jeff Karkut, Senior Recruiter

7. What is it REALLY like to work at TripleBlind in three sentences or less?

“It’s an extraordinarily challenging job. We’re taking groundbreaking technology and putting it into a user-friendly package to make a truly great product.” – Gary Moore, SVP of Engineering

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At TripleBlind, we’ve built the most complete and scalable solution for privacy-enhancing computation. Our software-only TripleBlind Solution connects data providers and data users with a simple API, allowing for collaboration with sensitive data without infringing upon privacy rights. We’re looking to innovate in healthcare and financial services –– and we’re backed by Accenture, General Catalyst, and The Mayo Clinic.

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