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TripleBlind at Work: Brokering Genetic Data

Genetic data is quickly becoming one of the most useful tools we have as human beings for understanding how our bodies work and how to better manage our health on an individual, highly-specialized level. Genetic data also tells us about our history, who our ancestors were, and is connecting dots for people in ways they never could have previously imagined.

While genetic data is being collected at a much more rapid pace than ever before, it is still difficult to use. The future of healthcare very well might involve a high degree of reliance on genetic analysis and use of that data to develop personalized medicines and treatments. But, in this case, the benefits are also the risks. Having highly specific information tied to an individual is an incredibly powerful tool for progressing the healthcare industry, but it also imposes privacy and misuse risks. 

Many privacy laws and regulations, including HIPAA, require that data be anonymized or otherwise de-identified before it can be shared or used. In the case of genetic information, because an individual’s genetic sequence is unique to them, there is no way to sufficiently de-identify that information. Even if you strip away the name, date of birth, sex, and other identifiers, the data itself can be traced back to an individual within a reasonable degree of certainty. This extreme sensitivity of its contents has made genetic data a challenge to work with. 

Luckily, there is a solution. TripleBlind’s technology can automatically de-identify genomic data in real time to accelerate AI and collaboration in healthcare. In fact, we’re working with BC Platforms to enable their partners to logically (not physically) aggregate sensitive genomic sequence data into large, usable datasets, allowing them to accomplish their mission of advancing personalized medicine by connecting healthcare and research.

Using Blind Learning, TripleBlind’s novel method for training and running inferences on AI models using disparate sources without moving either the data or the full model, healthcare enterprises can collaborate using sensitive data that has historically been unusable due to data privacy regulations, competitive pressures, and operational complexities. TripleBlind tools offer drug development companies the ability to collaborate with multiple data providers at once by supporting big data analysis, while ensuring private data can never be decrypted or misused and enforcing the appropriate privacy regulations on top of each interaction – including HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and more.

Data Providers and Pharmaceutical Data Users Technical Diagram


Pharmaceutical companies using TripleBlind’s Private Data Sharing Solution will be able to develop better drugs with accessibility to a larger pool of de-identified genetic data. Additionally, as a result of TripleBlind’s one-way data encryption and Blind De-identification, all parties reduce liability and risk of data breaches during collaboration.

Ultimately, TripleBlind’s ability to facilitate the private sharing of genetic data will unlock doors for healthcare entities that will allow for faster and more accurate diagnosis, better drug development and more accurate patient testing; a fact that was also shown using EKG Data in collaboration with Mayo Clinic.

To learn more about how TripleBlind’s technology can be applied in real-world situations for industries including healthcare and financial services, connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay updated on our Use Case Blog Series. Contact us at to schedule a free demo.

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TripleBlind Thought Leaders Share Insight into Genomic Data, Decentralized Data and Alternative Data Collaboration at Industry Events in December

KANSAS CITY, MO., Nov. 30, 2021TripleBlind, the data sharing solution that enables enterprises to freely collaborate using their most sensitive data and algorithms without ever compromising privacy, will share industry insights and trends at three events in November. 

TripleBlind will participate in the following events:

  • The Data Monetization Opportunity (And How to Do It Securely!), Wednesday, Dec. 1 at 12 p.m. CT, Virtual.

TripleBlind and Eagle Alpha will host a joint webinar that will discuss the alternative data market and how companies can externally monetize their data. Click here to register.

In this free webinar, the below thought leaders will discuss the external data market and opportunities, ways to safely monetize data and how to supercharge external data monetization efforts:

    • Sam Abadir, Director of Partnerships at TripleBlind
    • Chris Barnett, VP of Partnerships & Licensing at TripleBlind
    • Ronan Crosson, Director of Data Strategy & Analytics at Eagle Alpha
    • Enrique Garcia-Ayesta, Co-Founder & CEO at Apeiron Insight
    • Toby Dayton, CEO at LinkUp
  • The AI Summit New York, Dec. 8-9, Javits Center, New York City, NY.

TripleBlind co-founder and CEO Riddhiman Das will present on the topic, Globalizing Premier Healthcare Through Blind Learning, on Wednesday, Dec. 8 from 10:20-10:45 a.m. EST.

Using insight from TripleBlind’s work with Mayo Clinic and other healthcare luminaries, Das will share insight into how TripleBlind’s private data sharing solution can accelerate AI and collaboration in this space. Click here to register.

  • NeurIPS, Dec. 6-14, Virtual.

TripleBlind submitted a tool demonstration paper, titled TripleBlind: A Privacy-Preserving Framework for Decentralized Data and Algorithms,” that was accepted to NeurIPS 2021, Demo Track. TripleBlind will present the paper at the event on Friday, Dec. 10 at 11:20-11:35 a.m. CT. 

The demo session will focus on three major concerns when it comes to privacy-preserving AI using decentralized data and algorithms: accuracy, privacy, and communication cost. Click here to register.


About TripleBlind

TripleBlind offers proprietary cryptographically-enforced privacy for data and algorithms, allowing institutions to collaborate around the most private and sensitive data without it ever being decrypted or leaving their firewall. TripleBlind provides one-way encryption and allows only authorized operations on any type of data, any algorithm, computable by third parties in real-time. TripleBlind never hosts or accesses shared data.  

TripleBlind’s Private Data Sharing Solution unlocks the estimated 43ZB of data that are not commercialized today. The company’s patented breakthroughs in advanced mathematics enable organizations to secure larger and more diverse data sets for innovating enhanced algorithms for medical diagnoses and improved anti-fraud initiatives in financial services. TripleBlind enforces international and regional data privacy standards, including HIPAA, GDPR, PDPR, and CCPA.


Helpful links:
TripleBlind Two Minute Overview Video
Background on Competing Solutions


TripleBlind technology significantly differs from existing solutions and is not based on homomorphic encryption, secure enclaves, tokenization/masking/hashing and differential privacy, synthetic data, federated learning and blockchain. For an overview, a live demo, or a one-hour hands-on workshop,


Victoria Guimarin
UPRAISE Marketing + Public Relations for TripleBlind

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TripleBlind At Work: Use Case Series

When it comes to data collaboration, the basic goal to protect sensitive data is applicable across the board. In practice, though, collaboration looks different for each industry, resulting in different requirements for ensured privacy. For example, data augmentation between industries applies to all fields including healthcare, financial services and marketing, but healthcare clients also need the added capability to broker genetic data. Additionally, regulations applied based on industry and geography make a one-size-fits-all approach to privacy impractical.

With all these variables at play, it is natural to think that there cannot possibly be one data sharing solution that can ensure all of these needs are met. However, TripleBlind has already begun to work with key players across industries and around the world, implementing a solution which has been mathematically proven to allow insights to be gathered from private data while enabling enforced compliance with all data privacy standards through strict digital rights management.

Our most recent blog series gave insight into how TripleBlind compares to competing data sharing solutions. Over the course of our next series, we will show how TripleBlind’s superior technology works in specific, real-world healthcare and financial services collaborations from industry-leading partners Mayo Clinic, Eagle Alpha and other TripleBlind clients.

TripleBlind’s groundbreaking solution enables enterprises to collaborate around previously unusable sensitive data via one-way encryption. The ability to unlock this data using TripleBlind will allow for faster and more accurate treatment and diagnosis in healthcare and quicker,more secure safety monitoring in fintech. 

Be sure to stay connected with us on our website, Twitter and LinkedIn to be updated on our Use Case Blog Series. 

Can’t wait to learn more? Contact us at to learn how TripleBlind can unlock privacy for your company or to schedule a free demo.

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November Update: TripleBlind Comes Together In-Person at Kansas City HQ

Our now 32-person TripleBlindian team recently came together at the company HQ for three days of planning, inspiration, and a little TopGolf. 

You may have already heard the news about TripleBlind’s $24M Series A round! We’ve been scaling and growing quickly, so we wanted to get our globally-located team members all together, in one place, for the first time.

Here’s a recap of our three-day excursion, as well as a few shoutouts to all those who helped make our team’s get together possible. 


Day One 

Arrival day, and board meet-and-greet dinner

Advisor Panel Discussion at Grand Street Cafe

First, we’d like to thank our board – Thad Langford, Andrew Krowne, Benjamin Bayat, Dr. John Halamka, Shail Jain, and Toby Rush – for joining us for dinner and sharing their collective vision. Our team imagines a world where “TripleBlinding” is a verb. Let’s TripleBlind It means to collaborate around private data for the benefit of all parties, while retaining complete and utter privacy.

In particular, our advisors articulated a vision of:

TripleBlinding data in healthcare to deliver advanced medicine

TripleBlinding data in pharmaceuticals to more effectively develop cures to diseases

TripleBlinding data in financial services to detect and combat fraud. 

Thank you to our advisors for their time, wisdom, and words.


Day Two

Board meeting, an all-team show-and-tell session, and TopGolf

Group shot of TripleBlind Team

Our co-founder and CEO, Riddhiman Das, outlined his 2022 roadmap for TripleBlind. Here are some of the top points:

  • Defining TripleBlind’s strategic market position
  • Hiring more TripleBlindians (stay tuned!)
  • Product features and enhancements (including, Blind Join – don’t know what this is? Request a demo with one of our experts)

We also had a not-so-surprise reunion of the EyeVerify crew. You may remember them as the Kansas City based startup that was acquired by Ant Financial for over $100 million

EyeVerify Team Gathered for TripleBlind

We finished the day unwinding with a little TopGolf, and we all know Gaurav gets the prize for quickest learner.

TripleBlind Team Golfing at Top Golf

Day Three

Department meetings, a museum, and three restaurants

Photo collage of TripleBlind team walking through the plaza and looking at art at the Kemper

We showed the out-of-towners the best of KC, between strolling the Plaza, touring Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, and dining at The Carriage Club.

Tom Bergin, Software Engineer, showed us his post lunch meditation skills, while Anissa Khan, also a Software Engineer, gave us tips on our aesthetic.

Tom Bergin and Anissa Khan

Finally, we said our goodbyes as everyone headed back to their part of the globe, we’re exhilarated for what’s next – and we know each of us at TripleBlind is all-in.

Finished donuts

We’d also like to thank the employees of Grand Street Cafe for hosting us, the employees of the Overland Park Top Golf for entertaining us, and the employees of Jack Stack on The Plaza, Panera on The Plaza, Bo-Lings on The Plaza, The Parlor in the Cross-Roads, The Carriage Club, and Taj Palace on 39th Street for keeping us fed.

Thank you, Kansas City!


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TripleBlind Promises to Bring Data Encryption Technology to Life Sciences

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Data privacy solution TripleBlind secures $24M backed by General Catalyst, Mayo Clinic

Oct 20, 2021TripleBlind is taking a new approach to enterprise-level data sharing that preserves privacy, and the startup just scored $24 million to keep up with strong demand for its technology.

The Kansas City, Missouri-based company developed a proprietary cryptographically enforced data privacy solution that enables enterprises to enforce the data privacy regulations in place in more than 100 countries—such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in the U.S., as well as the regulations in four U.S. states, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

TripleBlind developed a way to encrypt data so they can be shared without being decrypted or leaving the data owner’s firewall. TripleBlind does not host or access the data, the company said.

Company executives say the technology significantly differs from existing solutions and is not based on homomorphic encryption, secure enclaves, tokenization/masking/hashing and differential privacy, synthetic data, federated learning or blockchain.

The oversubscribed series A funding was led by General Catalyst and Mayo Clinic. This round follows TripleBlind’s pre-seed raise of $8.2 million announced in March.

“Bringing together AI algorithms and data in ways that preserve privacy and intellectual property is one of the keys to delivering the next generation of digital medicine,” said John Halamka, M.D., president of Mayo Clinic Platform, in a statement. “These novel privacy-protected solutions promise to usher a new era of collaboration.”

Halamka joined the TripleBlind board as an observer.

Mayo Clinic also invested in the company’s seed round. TripleBlind is collaborating with Mayo on data analysis, algorithm training and validation on one-way encrypted data and on next-generation…Read more on

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TripleBlind secures $24M for a new approach to enterprise-level, privacy-preserving data sharing

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Riddhiman Das, CEO TripleBlind, on Breaking Data Monopolies

Gartner Cool Vendor Image

Gartner® Names TripleBlind a 2021 Cool Vendor in Privacy

This week, TripleBlind announced it has been named a Cool Vendor in Gartner’s October 2021 Cool Vendors in Privacy report. In the report, Gartner analysts evaluated vendors that support extensible privacy programs and how their privacy-enhancing computation (PEC) techniques affect data collaboration for users. 

“New technologies are emerging that promise a “win-win” proposition for organizations seeking to respect the privacy rights of individuals while using data for information sharing, advanced cross-entity analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) modeling,” states the report.

About TripleBlind specifically, the report states: 

“PEC (privacy-enhancing computation) techniques will be relevant in clinical trials and general healthcare, finance, insurance, parts and supply chain management, algorithm licensing and digital rights management. These can be aided by separate tools from potentially different vendors, or through singular suites like TripleBlind.”

TripleBlind being named a Cool Vendor comes on the heels of announcing both $24 million in Series A funding and a new partnership with Eagle Alpha, showing strong momentum for TripleBlind, and highlighting companies’ increased interest surrounding data collaboration via TripleBlind’s private data sharing solution.

“Being recognized as a 2021 Gartner Cool Vendor is another major milestone in solidifying our position as offering the superior technology to enable enterprises to share the estimated 43ZB of data that are not commercialized today due to regulatory concerns,” said Riddhiman Das, TripleBlind’s co-founder and CEO. “Sharing data assets is quickly becoming critical to sustained, long-term growth for businesses in every industry, including healthcare and finance in particular. Providing enterprises with a solution that allows them to collaborate while concurrently enforcing data privacy and regulatory standards could not be more important at this point in time.” 

We have many more exciting announcements in the pipeline, so be sure to keep up-to-date with TripleBlind on our website, Twitter or LinkedIn. If you are interested in learning more about TripleBlind’s efficient and cost-effective data privacy solution, contact us today for a free demo by emailing or visiting